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Vouchers use regulation

In order to use the services of a QC Terme voucher, it must be delivered by the user to the reception of the chosen facility at the time of use of the services it contains.

The service will be provided only after the presentation of the voucher and according to availability.

It is therefore necessary to follow the rules on reservations where applicable.

For further details on the days and hours of opening and regulations in force in the structure, please refer to for the specific section Timetables and Prices available online for each of the QC Terme Centres.

Unless otherwise expressly stated or written on the vouchers, both virtual and ordinary, they are valid for one year, except for possible extensions, starting from the date of issue, after which the right to use the services will permanently expire.

No refund is due for unused services.

In case of more than one service included in the same voucher these must be used on the same day.

All QC Pass vouchers (entrances, stays, massages) will be extended for the number of days our wellness centres and hotels are closed. The extension is automatic, free of charge, and is also valid for vouchers already extended by 6 months upon payment.

The exact period of extension of vouchers will be communicated as soon as we receive instructions on the reopening of the QC Terme centres, in the Voucher Verification and extension section of the website and on the website

For more information about voucher extension click here.