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Wellness center.


Just a stone's throw from the center of Chamonix, the beating heart of mountaineering and the international capital of mountain sports, stands the new QC Termechamonix alpine center, the first to open in France.
The majesty of Mont Blanc is the setting for the new spa where nature takes center stage, for an unmissable soak in the snow or green mountain meadows. An unexpected synthesis of hot and cold, water and earth.

Alpine Wellness

Within the spa's 3,000 square meters are more than 30 wellness practices that guide the multisensory journey, as well as an infinity pool that is mirrored by losing itself in the water of the adjacent alpine pond, with a breathtaking view of the Bossons glacier. The perennial snows of this glacier, are a very rare natural spectacle to behold, as they take shape from the north side of Mont Blanc's summit at an elevation of 4,800 meters and descend to 1,500 meters, making it the only one among the Alps to reach so close to the valley.