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Extend voucher validity

The validity of the vouchers is 2 years from the date of issue.

Only vouchers not yet expired and not yet used can be extended. The expected extension is 6 months from the expiry date shown on the voucher and vouchers cannot be extended more than once.

The expected cost for the extension of vouchers "wellness experience" is 28 €, while the extension of any other voucher is 14 €. The cost is for each voucher that you wish to extend.

In case of voucher extension, the conditions of usability accepted during the purchase of the extended voucher remain unchanged.

See below the full text of the General Conditions of Extension.



Register to our site by clicking on the ACCESS button at the top right, or login with your credentials.

Once logged in, select VERIFY CODE; this section allows you to check the validity and status of the vouchers you wish to extend.
If the voucher is valid and has not yet been used, it will automatically be inserted in a list below in which you will find the voucher number, the date of insertion requested extension and the final expiry date, which already counts the 6 months of extension.

At any time you can decide to check new vouchers and enter them in the list of voucher codes ensuring that the voucher number entered is correct.

Add the voucher code you wish to extend to the shopping cart to the list of voucher codes and continue to make the payment.

In the summary that will appear further verify that the voucher number entered is correct and proceed by entering the billing and payment details. In this section you can request the invoice.

After receiving the payment confirmation, your voucher will be automatically extended for 6 months.

Important: It is not necessary to print your voucher again after you have extended it. Simply present your paper voucher at the Reception of the chosen Terme QC centre; the barcode shown above remains unchanged and its extension will be automatically registered.

Details: Within 10 minutes from the conclusion of your purchase you will receive a summary email confirming the extension of the duration of your voucher.



1. Contractual Information
1.1 Information for Practitioners: These General Conditions govern the electronic extension of QC Terme S.r.l. vouchers (hereinafter also referred to as "Vouchers") by consumers at, the website of QC Terme Srl. The registered office of QC Terme Srl is at Piazza Adriano Olivetti 3 20139, Milan (MI); Tax Code and Business Register 00828430157, VAT number 10541980966, REA of Milan Nr. 508289, (hereinafter also referred to as "QC Terme").
To get in touch with QC Terme srl, including to present complaints and request information, consumers can use the email address [email protected] in addition to the above mentioned address.

1.2 Information relating to contracts concluded by the consumer: The order form will specify the information prescribed by applicable legislation or by the nature of the contract, relating to each individual contract concluded through the QC Terme srl website. This information includes, but is not limited to, the main characteristics of the goods or services, their price (including taxes), additional shipping, delivery or postal costs and any other costs, the methods of payment, time of delivery of the goods or execution of the order, the duration of the contract and the minimum duration of consumer obligations. The consumer must accept and send the form electronically, with express recognition that their sending the order involves a payment obligation. If, due to the nature of the contract or the goods or services ordered, any of the aforementioned details are not available at the time the order is presented, the consumer will be promptly informed. If the price could not be determined at the time of the order, the consumer will still be informed about how it is calculated. If other costs relating to the contract or its execution could not be determined at the time of the order, the consumer will be informed of this circumstance and of the possibility that these costs may subsequently be charged to them.

1.3 Information relating to consumer rights: All information relating to consumer rights that are recognized by applicable legislation and which include, but are not limited to, the right of withdrawal (when applicable), the guarantee of conformity of goods, any after-sales assistance, the processing of personal data and the methods by which purchases can be made on the website, will be specified in these General Conditions or in the documents to which they refer and which are accessible from these General Conditions through hypertext links.

1.4 Information relating to applicable legislation: All contracts concluded by consumers through the QC Terme srl website will be fully regulated by the following provisions and by the documents, instructions and information to which they refer, in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 (bearing the Consumer Code), Legislative Decree 70/2003 (containing rules on electronic commerce), Legislative Decree 29/2010 (containing rules on services in the internal market), and Regulation (EU) no. 2016/679 and Legislative Decree 196/2003 (containing provisions regarding the protection of personal data). Anything not expressly regulated by these General Conditions and by the legislation indicated above will be governed by the Civil Code.

2. Commitments of the Buyer
Accessible to consumers through the website, these General Conditions can be printed or saved in digital format on buyers' computers. Consumers should examine these General Conditions carefully before proceeding with the extension of Vouchers on the QC Terme website. In any case, these General Conditions are presented to the consumer before completion of the electronic procedure for submitting the order for extension. Consumers must affirm their full and unconditional acceptance by ticking the pertinent box in order to proceed with the purchase.

3. Contract stipulation
The order sent by the consumer via the QC Terme website is a contractual offer that QC Terme S.r.l. reserves the right to accept.
It is necessary to check whether the amount indicated for the extension of the chosen services is correct before proceeding to send the order. When sending the order through the website, the consumer will be required to press a virtual key to certify their understanding that sending the order, and QC Terme's acceptance of the order, will result in a payment.
The contract is concluded when an email is sent from the website to the email address indicated by the consumer at the time the order is sent. Functioning as acceptance of the order sent by the consumer, the email contains a summary of the services ordered and other essential elements of the contract.

4. Conditions and methods of payment
Payment is made immediately after the order for the extension of a Voucher and before the supply of the extension, according to the method chosen by the Buyer during the electronic procedure. The choice of payment methods is prominently displayed on the QC Terme website on the first screen of the order procedure.
Prices include VAT when due.

5. Withdrawal and refund
Pursuant to art. 52 of the Consumer Code, the Buyer has a period of 14 days, starting from date of order or delivery (in the case of purchase of goods), to withdraw from the contract. All information relating to the right of withdrawal and the refund of the purchase is available at this link, where the standard withdrawal form is also available. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised if the Voucher was used during the period granted for exercising the right of withdrawal.

6. Prices, Conditions and Validity of the extension
Only vouchers that have not yet expired and have not yet been used can be extended only one time.
Once the extension has been granted, the validity of the extended Voucher is for a further 6 months beyond the initial expiry date.
The expected cost for the extension of "Wish Drawer" Vouchers is €28 for each voucher.
The expected cost of extending any other Voucher is €14 for each Voucher.
In so far as they are compatible, the conditions of use for the extended Vouchers are the same as those that were accepted upon purchase of the original Vouchers.
Click here to consult Regulations on Use of Voucher.

7. Information and complaints, Guarantee of Conformity, Privacy and Purchase Guide
For any clarification or complaint, QC Terme can be contacted at the addresses and contact details specified in Art. 1.1 of these General Conditions.
Goods sold through the QC Terme website are covered by a guarantee of compliance in accordance with the provisions of Articles
128 and sections of the Consumer Code Legislative Decree 206/2005).
Information on the processing of the personal data of a consumer who purchases goods or services through the QC Terme srl website is available at the following link
To properly carry out purchase operations on the QC Terme website, you can consult the guide available at the Purchase Guide link.

8. Applicable Law
This contract will be governed by Italian law.