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Regulations for the use of vouchers

To use the services of a QC Terme voucher it must be delivered by the user to the reception of the chosen facility at the time of using the services contained therein.

The service will be provided only after the voucher has been presented and subject to availability.

It is therefore necessary to follow the rules on reservations where provided.

For more details regarding days and hours of operation and Regulations in force at the facility, it is necessary to consult the appropriate section on on the Schedules and Prices section separately available online for each of the QC Terme Centers.

Unless otherwise explicitly imprinted or written on the vouchers, whether virtual or ordinary, the vouchers are valid for 24 months, unless extended, from the date of issue, after which time the right to use the services permanently lapses.

No refund is due for unused services.

In case of more than one service included in the same voucher these must be used on the same day.

For more information on voucher extension click here.